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The key competences and skills acquired during the project were certified by the Youthpass, the european certificate based on the european key competences framework and issued to all participants of approved projects of Erasmus+ Youth in Action.

The 8 key competences at european level are:

1) Communication in the mother tongue;

2) Communication in foreign languages;

3) Mathematical competence and basic competences in science and technology;

4) Digital competence;

5) Learning to learn;

6) Social and civic competences;

7) Sense of initiative and entrepreneurship; and

8) Cultural awareness and expression.


The Erasmus+ Programme supports the recognition of non-formal and informal learning (“learning by doing”) and the Eu.R.Y.D. project contributed mainly to the set out three of the eight european key competences:


- Communication in foreign languages

English was the language of the exchange, so that the young participants had to express their ideas, opinions, feelings, needs, facts by listening, speaking, writing and reading (four dimensions) in a foreign language. The multicultural contest challenged the ability of the young participants to understand each other, to be  open for others cultures, habits and realities. 

- Learning to learn

All activities stimulated the capacity of the young participants to learn independently and in group, to be able to organize and manage their own learning through the optimal use of time, information and learning opportunities and to know how to increase their own motivation and self confidence.

They further tested their capacity to be able to apply achieved competences and experiences in one’s personal, professional and social life.

- Social and civic competence

All activities encouraged teamwork, solidarity, fair play and respect of the rules and they promoted tolerance, acceptance of diversity in a multicultural context.

The activities stimulated the ability to interpret the territory as a common good and as resource to be enhanced through their own talents and participating in social and civic life.

The project stimulated the participants to get involved in the environmental common good protection with others in order to the development of their own  community, to understanding of cohesion and solidarity inside the community.


For more information visit the Youthpass website

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